Why do organizations need to secure hardcopies?

  • Hardcopy is one of the most important means of information exchange, collection and preservation
  • Protecting IP hardcopies, secret documents, museum or exhibition items, are complicated and require sophisticated methods
  • Managing and controlling the distribution of these items is vital for every security-sensitive organization or company
  • Hardcopy security requires the management of both, copy authorization and safety control of any copy leaving the designated premises
  • Unfaithful employees and commercial spies can copy valuable documents while visiting a ‘secure’ site and, by selling it to competitor companies or using it for other illegal purposes, causing the owners significant damages

There has been an ongoing search for good protection methods for more than 10 years with no success so far.


Tagit's solution: Highly sensitive antennas and Security Paper

  • Positioning of the highly sensitive antennas at the entrance of the premises. All printers with special sensors are adapted to Security Paper
  • Any attempt to make a hardcopy without Secured Paper triggers an alarm, because special printers only work with Security Paper
  • Any attempt to extract secured documents from the premises will trigger an alarm
  • Even hidden, shredded, crumpled or deformed Security Paper will be detected by the antennas


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