Due to the physical limitations, it is difficult to protect small or round products against shoplifting.

Trying to protect books that are also above average shrink levels, adds another level of complexity since it is practically impossible to protect media items the same way that books are protected by any other technology.

Fortunately, Tagit's EM solution offers a complete variety of labels that can perfectly protect all of those items.

When using Tagit's solution, shopkeepers benefit from:

  • High protection rate 
  • Detection is not shielded by most metals (including aluminium foils)
  • Protecting CDs and DVDs although they have metallic ingredients
  • Protecting books in a secure and concealed way
  • Labels can be placed on rounded items
  • Disguised as price etiquette
  • Most suitable for source tagging beneath or inside the products
  • Push-in and Drop-in labels enhance the protection possibilities (allowing insertion of labels through the outer cellophane wrapping)