A typical supermarket includes many departments with thousands of products on display. Those items come in all sizes, materials and shapes thus preventing any other technology from being able to protect such a wide range.
Lack of employees in comparison with the size of such stores offer shoplifters an easy access to their preferred items, such as cosmetic products, food for infants, alcohol etc.

High shelves hide thieves, providing them easy and a stress-free environment to take whatever they wish.

Other security solutions cannot protect those items due to the limitations of both, size and surface.

Tagit offers a variety of labels and systems, allowing its customers to display their merchandise in an open and secure way.

When using Tagit's solution, supermarket & hypermarket customers can benefit from:

  • Highest protection rate 
  • Detection is not shielded by most metals (including aluminium foils)
  • Secure Thermal Scale labels are used with all types of scales - when printing the details, the label includes an EM security label
  • Protecting infant food, cigarettes, chocolate and other artefacts that include metal in their wrapping 
  • Protecting small items like lipstick or eyeliners
  • Protecting deodorant sticks and batteries
  • Labels can be placed on rounded items
  • Disguised as price etiquette
  • Most suitable for source tagging beneath or inside the products
  • Push-in and Drop-in labels enhance the protection possibilities (Allowing insertion of labels through the outer cellophane wrapping)