Drugstores contain many small products that need to be secured. A lot of items are too small to be secured with another technology. Tagit has the smallest and effective security labels which are ideal for such goods.

Tagit offers a vast variety of security labels, allowing its customers to display their merchandise in an open and secure way.

When using Tagit's solution, shopkeepers benefit from:

  • Protecting small items like lipstick or eyeliners
  • Labels can be placed on rounded items
  • Disguised as price etiquette
  • Among the highest effective protection rate in the industry
  • Detection is not shielded by most metals (including aluminium foils)
  • Protecting cosmetics even in metal cases or metallic prints
  • Most suitable for source tagging beneath or inside the products
  • Push-in and drop-in labels enhance the protection possibilities (Allowing insertion of labels through the outer cellophane wrapping)