The labels are produced using a special combination of alloy carefully mixed together in the Czech production facilities. Labels are produced for worldwide customers under the most strict quality control.

The raw material is heated in a clay mould and then poured as direct liquid form on a copper wheel spinning at extremely high speeds. The slightest movement or temperature drop-off would render the label charge worthless. The material spinning off the drum is collected and fed onto spindles ready for the next stage of processing.

The material that is now on a spindle goes through additional preparation processes. When the endless signal material is ready for final production, it is fed from a spindle at the same time as the carrier paper and label finishing paper / film (e.g. barcode). This consolidation of all three materials occurs on a single machine (including cutting).

Upon all materials being together, they are rolled up on a larger spindle. From here, they are cut into their individual packing quantities per roll and prepared for delivery.