The specialist shops sell power tools and many small products that shoplifters focus on. Due to the high density of the shelves, it is practically impossible to detect those missing items from the shelves, resulting in loss of potential sales.

Other security solutions beside EM nearly cannot protect those items due to the limitations of size, material and surface.

Tagit offers a variety of labels and systems, allowing its customers to display their merchandise in an open and secure way.

When using Tagit's solution, shopkeeper benefit from:

  • High protection rate
  • Detection is not shielded by most metals (including aluminium foils)
  • Protecting merchandise even in metal cases or metallic prints
  • Protecting small items like drilling equipment
  • Labels can be placed on round items
  • Disguised as price etiquette
  • Most suitable for source tagging beneath or inside the products
  • Push-in and drop-in labels enhance the protection possibilities (allowing insertion of labels through the outer cellophane wrapping)