Tagit EM Labels

Tagit developed and owns the technology of label production from raw material to finished product. The entire manufacturing process is done in-house - from casting the metal and all the way to printing a customer logo on a desired label.

There are currently more than 300 types of labels - all are a result of different needs of different customers.

Below are some of the parameters that can easily be adjusted when ordering labels:

System Compatibility

We produce EM labels for all types of EM systems including:

  • Checkpoint/Meto
  • 3M
  • Old Sensormatic J and P systems
  • Gateway
  • Certus
  • Dialoc and others

Label Length

There are 10 different lengths of labels that vary from 32 mm - 160 mm.

Label Finish

  • White
  • Dummy barcode
  • Clear
  • Thermal direct
  • Black
  • Preprint

Label Deactivation

  • Deactivatable
  • Non-Deactivatable

Special Labels

  • Secure thermal scale labels: printable labels used with scales and automatic wrapping machines at the deli department - especially designed for meat and cheese
  • Push-in: covered with jagged plastic coating, this label can be easily inserted into cellophane wrapping of CDs, DVDs, cosmetics
  • Drop-in: can be inserted into boxes leaving no external sign of protection
  • Dual labels: for customers using more than one type of EM system
  • Power labels: for enhanced performance and distance between the antennas

For further assistance in choosing the best fit for your needs, please contact us at info(at)tagit.ch